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April 24, 2017 1 min read

Birthday Healing:
There are some different crystals assigned to zodiac sign and chakras. Crystals have been used for many many years through mystical interpretation in the Bible, by the Chaldeans, Hindu, Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Native American tradition. These ancient writings are going to differ, due to the crystal, belief, and culture.
Spinel crystal for Sagittarius: All four aspects of healing.
Spinel is an excellent gem for re-energizing your body when you are tired; it also heals your mind and soul.

Allow your inner beauty to shine so others can see how bright you shine.

Perfect for around the house. Place Spinel in your living, dining, and bedroom. This crystal will be encouraging last relationships. As you work with your stone, it will release real personality.

Want to have a great night sleep? Place under your pillow to have a fabulous nights sleep. 
Jewelry: anklet, belly chain, bracelet

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