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Left a job that paid a base pay of $96,000 a year to travel the world.


Do you have the courage to leave a job that's paying you a base pay of $96,000 a year to travel the world, and to pursue your dreams? Well, yesterday, this young lady did. That's right. She worked ten years as a Forensic Scientist with the Illinois State Police but decided that it was time to close that chapter to go full throttle with pursuing her dream of making her plan B, her plan A.

In just three years of business in the travel industry, she was able to MATCH her net salary that the State Police was giving, and was only working the business part-time. I was able to be apart of this process, and it was awesome being able to coach someone how to operate their business and become successful. She is an Executive Diamond on our team, and she added significant value to the marketing side with the material she would share with the team.

I'm happy to have this lady on my team. We've worked together for four years and learned a lot about each other. How we can be so different but yet the same in some areas. She was the first duplicated Diamond birthed on my team. Most importantly it's exciting to know that someone that is a WORLD TRAVELER is now being able to get paid for living the lifestyle she has dreamed. #Sheismakingherdreamhappen #successstory #travel

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