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Pop-up Live Q & A Session & Crystal Reading

This Sunday, we have a LIVE Speed Crystal Reading Session with Nicole Harry. Let's have some fun and tap into the crystal kingdom!   Nicole's readings are a very unique and personal way to customize your self-healing. Oracle Tarot allows you to reveal the future most elegantly. The crystals carry a message of hope and should enable you to ease your anxieties and overcome any doubt that you feel in your daily life. I have been using these cards for several years to help guide. With this unique oracle deck, you can harness the power of crystals for healing, divination, and transformation! Created by the founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening, each of these 56 cards features a beautiful photo...

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Self-Care Tips

Join the Goddess Facebook Group: bit.ly/AwakeningGoddessGroup Instagram Book a One-On-One Crystal One Of A Kind Healing Jewelry This is our beautiful handcrafted Goddess Time necklace. When you wear this necklace this is a reminder that you honor and support the warrior in you.  Affirmation:  I act with the power to create what I want in the world Click here for details & purchase Resourceful Tools to Get Your Mind Right Take the Chakra test to know where you need to do the most work: https://bit.ly/ChakraTest ASMR: https://bit.ly/ASMRGoddessCrystalReading How to use sage: https://bit.ly/101Sage  Spiritual Bath: https://bit.ly/SpiritualBath Meditations: Sleep hypnosis: https://bit.ly/SleepHynosis Surrender meditation: https://bit.ly/SurrenderMeditation Anxiety, overthinking, depression:  https://bit.ly/AnxietyOverthinkingMeditation Manifestation: https://bit.ly/ManifestMeditation11 Resourceful Tools to Get Your Environment Right Sage Kit: http://bit.ly/ndaSageKit Love Yo-self Goddess Spiritual Bath:http://bit.ly/Loveyo-selfbath Goddess Time Bath...

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Full Moon Ceremony

Join us on Zoom Tonight: 9:45 PM CST/10:45 PM EST  Link is in Group Message On this day, we celebrate the Native American tradition of the KIMIMILA, Butterfly Moon. Always walk the path of the Butterfly in sincerity, and Butterfly Woman will be there to watch, to protect, and to teach. The spiritual meaning of Full Moon: are often considered to be a sign of death, rebirth and the completion of a cycle. Astrologers also believe a Full Moon is a time when emotions and tensions can run high in your horoscope. During a Full Moon, the lunar orb connects with the Sun in a straight line and reflects its light. We have our Goddesses Gulia Huertas and I back again! Yaassss, she is...

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She is now running a corporation of lifestyle in travel, events, and hairstyles; she is only 27 years old with three children and a husband.

  I've been able to work and have this fantastic mompreneur for four years now in the travel industry. Our youngest Diamond with Traverus Global also known as Paycation. I feel blessed to be able to exchange ideas and push and pull each other to the top! She is now running a corporation of lifestyle in travel, events, and hairstyles; she is only 27 years old with three children and a husband. All I can say is this woman is a BEAST! I love watching people expand! Like, Share, & Enjoy #successstory #team #business #teamxplosion #specialops

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Left a job that paid a base pay of $96,000 a year to travel the world.

  Do you have the courage to leave a job that's paying you a base pay of $96,000 a year to travel the world, and to pursue your dreams? Well, yesterday, this young lady did. That's right. She worked ten years as a Forensic Scientist with the Illinois State Police but decided that it was time to close that chapter to go full throttle with pursuing her dream of making her plan B, her plan A.In just three years of business in the travel industry, she was able to MATCH her net salary that the State Police was giving, and was only working the business part-time. I was able to be apart of this process, and it was awesome being...

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