Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, & Citrine crystal pipe

Introducing our exquisite collection of wooden wire-wrapped crystal pipes, crafted with intention and infused with the powerful energy of natural gemstones. Each pipe is unique and handcrafted with a crystal that resonates with your spirit and vibrates at the highest frequency. With every inhale, you will experience the healing properties of your chosen crystal and deepen your spiritual connection.

Clear Quartz: This stunning crystal is renowned for strengthening the aura, bringing balance and harmony to the physical body. It's perfect for amplifying the energy of any intention, making it a favorite among holistic healers and energy practitioners. Breathe in the pure, radiant energy of clear quartz and experience its ability to heal any imbalance.

Rose Quartz: The gentle, loving essence of rose quartz makes it a crystal of unconditional love, dissolving fears and worries that block the heart's ability to give and receive love. Allow this crystal to nourish your heart and soul, bringing a sense of deep fulfillment and inner peace to your being.

Citrine: With its warm, golden glow, citrine is the stone of manifestation and abundance, inspiring creativity and self-expression while reducing sensitivity to criticism. Wear this sunshine stone during wintertime to uplift your spirits and bring joy to your day. As a merchant stone, it's perfect for anyone in sales, aiding visions and willpower to manifest your desires.

Healing Properties:

Each crystal in our collection serves a unique purpose, raising your vibration and promoting balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Enhance your clairvoyance and amplify your energy with high-vibration stones like clear quartz. Build confidence and self-love with rose quartz, and attract abundance and prosperity with citrine.

Related Chakra: Each crystal in our collection is related to all chakras, promoting holistic healing and balance.

Affirmation: "The Universe supports me to create what I truly desire."

Breathe in the healing energy of your crystal pipe and repeat this affirmation to manifest your deepest desires.

Disclaimer ~ All NDA pieces are one of a kind and created from natural components like semi-precious, natural, embellished stones contrasted with metals. Therefore, pieces may differ slightly in size and shape.