Aquamarine Crystal, tassel earrings, one of a kind crystal jewelry


**Every crystal jewelry is unique and one of a kind, we handcraft your jewel with the one that calls your heart most and vibes higher for you. Every crystal healing jewelry piece you order will add to your spiritual connection and help you look and feel fabulous! 

Aquamarine Crystal:Useful for moving through transition and change, its cleansing energy removing resistance and helping one overcome the fear of the unknown. It helps not only in the release of emotional baggage, but the clearing out of physical items and clutter. Its gentle energy brings emotional patterns to the surface and assists in understanding the reason for holding onto old thoughts or patterns that are limiting forward motion. It also identifies where ego is causing one to overreact, assume a victim/abuser role, manipulate others, or martyr oneself.

Healing Properties: 

  • Reduces and relieves stress
  • Boosts courage when you are experiencing grief
  • Helps one speak their feelings and thoughts clearly and without hesitation when needed

Related Chakra:Throat Chakra

Affirmation: I am calm and balanced. I am fearless

Disclaimer ~ All NDA pieces are one of a kind and created from natural components like semi-precious, natural, embellished stones, contrasted with metals. Therefore pieces may differ slightly in size and shape.