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Day 3 Goddess Time Challenge


This week's ROOTWORK is:
You believe that you can succeed by letting go of your darkest fears. TRUST that the Most-High has you and believe in what you seek to desire. It's time to change your focus on you by finding your way of balance by creating balance.  
The picture below is your daily reading I did for you to interpret. Look and admire the card's image, read the message, and see what resonates with you. In your new notebook, write down what comes to you after reading. I have been a passionate advocate for people to reawaken and use their natural intuitive abilities, so throughout this challenge. I'll describe techniques that will help along your journey of a more profound soul-self.  
Take a look at each card, colors, shapes, and what is happening in the imagery. What comes to you? When reading the description, what does your intuition say? 
In this reading today, I want you to open yourself to the cards as they tell a story in their own language. Unleash your imagination and allow them to speak to you. Trust what you're intuiting! Also, some of these readings may become smacks in yo face due to you now taking some time to sit with yourself to make desired adjustments. These readings are the Law of Divination in action- you may not get what you want, but you will get what you NEED. Blessings to you, Goddess! 

Resource materials are from Rochelle Charman of Crystal Reading cards & Chakra Wisdom Oracle 

Meditation Time:

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Extra Resources:

Guide: Stop Judging yourself

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Smudge Kit with Crystal wand and sage: Click here

Daily Reading!


Crystal of the Day!


Chakra of the Day: Crown

Ivory Tower: You no longer need to prove yourself. This is about understanding who you are and what you have created. Ivory allows others into your life. Choose wisely.  



Wishing you all a FABULOUS week ahead! 💜Drip Drip!