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We don’t just design items for people to add to their lifestyle, we are helping people create their way of life! Not only can we enhance your space by creating an oasis with our designs, but we will also enhance your style with accessories, and arouse your adventurous spirit with travel. Most would say, that we are a jack of all trades. We say we are a master of lifestyle, working with other individuals to share their gifts. God has embedded so many gifts and talents in all of us, and we are all coming together to utilize each other to help people heal. We figured out a way to help others reach their dreams, by joining forces and building one another up.

It’s all about your mind, body, and soul. We want to help others free themselves from their limited beliefs. We want people to want more and do more for themselves. We should never settle in life, instead, take the opportunity to design the life you wish to live. That is what we help people do.

Below, is a list of services and programs NDA is a part of...

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We are a team of individuals from various professional backgrounds and lifestyles taking advantage of the market shift in the Travel industry.

We are committed to empowering families across the nation by demonstrating how to utilize the power of internet and the tourism industry market shift to generate additional income and create other tax advantages on products and services people are currently purchasing.

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Is a virtual platform that provides a vast variety of resources to all who desire to live a more fulfilled life. 

We cater our services in a detailed and customized fashion. All initial consults are mindfully and carefully done in order to guide our clients towards discovering their truth within their holistic progression.

We serve clients domestically and internationally and possess clients from all walks of life.

We pride ourselves on the work we do and the lives we have enhanced and changed. 

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Seeking Holistic solutions through the use of gemstones & crystals? Gemstones/crystals possess formations, metaphysical properties, and spiritual healing attributes. Learn more about how these gifts of our planet can assist you in fulfillment and health.