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My Purpose

Nicole Harry is the Founder & CEO of Nicole Designs All, a lifestyle brand helping awaken the Goddess and God within through holistic healing practices and crystal jewelry. Her designs are influenced by art nouveau, avant-garde, and contemporary design aesthetics. Since 2012, she has employed the ancient technique of wire wrapping to create her unique designs.

In 2016, Nicole completely lost herself and slumped into a deep depression. After experiencing one of the traumatic transformations in her life, she was determined to get through. In addition to creating her jewelry, she began creating rituals and routines to heal herself on a whole new level through crystal healing, spiritual baths, journaling, meditating, self oracle readings, and with the guidance of other healers. After consistent practice, Nicole healed and came back stronger than ever. This experience was a revelation that holistic healing was crucial to root healing while her jewelry serves to protect and amplify your power. From that moment forward, Nicole was determined to make the power of crystal healing mainstream.

Today, Nicole leverages the power of crystal healing through her exclusive healing routine, Goddess Time, and with her custom healing infused jewelry that will help you awaken the Goddess and God within.