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5 pack Palo Santo smudge sticks & Oil

5 pack Palo Santo smudge sticks & Oil

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Five pack including oil. Palo Santo is a Sacred wood from Brazil, It is highly regarded by the indigenous people for its healing properties. Used for calming and grounding, spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, healing and to inspire creativity. The sticks will smolder for several minutes once lit and blown out. 3 1/2" - 4" in length.

  • Palo santo sticks can be used to clear negative energy in your home. ...
  • Smudging palo santo can create a cathartic ritual. ...
  • Some believe sniffing palo santo oil can relieve headaches. ...
  • Palo santo oil is supposedly a bug repellent too.

Palo santo is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, and stress. It's also used to clear out negative energy. You can burn palo santo as incense or apply the oil on your skin. Always buy from a reputable retailer to make sure your palo santo is responsibly sourced.