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Apophyllite Crystal Stud earrings

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When anxiety hits, it immediately disrupts your inner balance and causes negative thought patterns that can make you feel emotionally paralyzed and suffocated. The apophyllite stone is rooted in applying childlike spontaneity and lightness to a stressful situation. To combat stress, meditate with the apophyllite stone and immediately feel your soul energized with a lightness that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. Some apophyllite stones have a hint of green, which gives it powerful grounding properties, especially a larger apophyllite stone, which should be placed in a garden to magnify its healing potential.

It will keep a strong connection between your physical and spiritual selves. Apophyllite has very high water content, making it a good conductor of energy and vibrations. It can transfer vibrations and correct imbalances in energies. It can enhance your psychic vision and clairvoyance.

Healing Properties: 

  • Encourages Relaxation
  • Releases Suppressed Emotions
  • Breaks down Reserve
  • Creates a connection between the physical & the spiritual 

Related Chakra: Chakra: Heart, and Third Eye Chakra 

Affirmation: I release and let go of what doesn't serve me

Disclaimer ~ All NDA pieces are one of a kind and created from natural components like semi-precious, natural, embellished stones contrasted with metals. Therefore pieces may differ slightly in size and shape.