Solar Plexus Chakra pillar candle 3" x 6"
Solar Plexus Chakra pillar candle 3" x 6"
Solar Plexus Chakra pillar candle 3" x 6"

Solar Plexus Chakra pillar candle 3" x 6"

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A vivid and brilliantly colored pillar from Crystal Journey Candles dedicated to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The removable paper label contains detailed information about the Solar Plexus Charka and its energy. PAPER LABEL SHOULD BE REMOVED BEFORE LIGHTING!

Each Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Pillar candle has been designed with a specific intention, made with the "finest waxes and purest blends of essential oils". The wicks are constructed from cotton and paper by Crystal Journey. Seven different intentions for the 3 x 6 Chakra pillars.
All scented candles are handcrafted in the U.S.A.

The Large Pillar Reiki Charged Chakra Collection 7

Solar Plexus Yellow? Essential Oil Blend-Lavender and Rosemary

  • 3rd Chakra: Solar Plexis: Seat of Emotions.
  • Gives us a sense of personal power in the world.
  • Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.
  • This is considered the third chakra, located above the belly button. Its color correspondence is yellow, or gold.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra resonates with personal power, self-confidence, and force of will. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling powerless or timid. And if you tend to be domineering, bordering on aggressive behavior, your Solar Plexus Chakra may be overactive. Self-esteem issues often arise here.
  • This chakra governs the liver, upper spine, pancreas, stomach, and helps with metabolism.

English: “jewel city” also called the nabhi chakra or the solar plexus/navel chakra, is located in the naval region along the subtle body’s spinal column. For the Nath yogi meditation system, this is described as the Madhyama-Shakti or the intermediate stage of self-discovery. It is symbolized as a ten-petaled lotus. The Chakra is represented as a downward pointing triangle with ten petals, along with the color yellow. The seed syllable is Ram, and the presiding deity is Braddha Rudra, with Lakini as the Shakti.

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