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Weekly Practices

Weekly Practices

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Creating a daily practice can be a lot of fun. You want to look at this as care you are doing for yourself, not a chore. I have provided weekly readings for you to enjoy each week to reflect on and discover what is needed as you learn how to design the lifestyle you desire and the healing required. 

Join us for your weekly readings and 2 Sunday Self-Care Workshops online. You will receive four readings practices in one month for each purchase. 


Weekly Practices Consist Of: 

  • 10-minute meditation
  • Tools to provide insight along your journey allow you to tap into your intuition. 
  • Crystal Oracle & Tarot combined reading
  • Additional healing resources to learn
  • 2 online Sunday Workshops

Similar to our Goddess Time Program, instead of receiving the practices every day, you will receive them once a week for four weeks. We will have a subscription for this soon :)