Crystal Of The Day: Adamite


Adamite is a stone of joy, creativity, enthusiasm. It aligns the heart and solar plexus chakras, stimulating both mental and physical well being.

Emotional Healing: Helps lift your mood and your strengthening your willpower. 

Spiritual: Connects you with your spiritual guides and angels, facilitating you the capability to evolve through inner communion with them.  




  • greefly

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  • nrampuria

    Adamite helps in exploring the exciting and new opportunities in the life, especially in the business sectors. Read more about it on my blog

  • hannah smith

    Adamite is a brilliant piece of gem that connect sentiments and feelings with the heart. It helps the wearer in finding out himself and his identity among the crowd. It gives the strength to fights with the emotional issues that hampers one’s mind and body.

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