Self-Care Tips

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One Of A Kind Healing Jewelry

This is our beautiful handcrafted Goddess Time necklace. When you wear this necklace this is a reminder that you honor and support the warrior in you. 
I act with the power to create what I want in the world

Resourceful Tools to Get Your Mind Right

Take the Chakra test to know where you need to do the most work:
How to use sage:
Surrender meditation:
Anxiety, overthinking, depression: 

Resourceful Tools to Get Your Environment Right

Love Yo-self Goddess Spiritual Bath:
Goddess Time Bath Ritual Kit:
Crystal Oracle Cards Do Your Own Readings:
Bundles of sage: 

For our mama's 

Self-Care Mom Book:
Forbes: Science Shows Meditation Benefits Children's Brains And Behavior: Article:

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Mutha flippin' DOMINATE!!!

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