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October 11, 2022 2 min read

Can dream interpretation be a valid method for self-growth?
My answer is Yes. But to answer the question of how it can be so...well, to be frank, I have no straight answers. All I can say is that the guiding hand of the Soul/Higher self/Source/Spirit works in mysterious ways. Understanding our dreams is the most direct way of tapping into this cosmic intelligence. This is a more straightforward method than other means, such as clairvoyance training and other psychic developments. The reason for this ease is that most of us dream!
It can be and has been used successfully to interpret the symbols of our clairvoyant vision while in meditation. Understanding the symbology can assist one in bridging a transition to higher and more abstract means of knowing.
I feel specific skills are essential for successful dream interpretation, one of which is a developed intuition. Unfortunately, this faculty is something that no dream interpretation book or website can have, and it is something that only we can nurture.
Intuition is what binds and creates recognizable connections to seemingly unrelated dream visions and symbols. This, in turn, structures the connections into a cohesive and meaningful message.
Intuition is not mental reasoning; it is simply that inner knowing of feeling/sensing beyond logic and reason. Intuition is, in fact, an actual cognitive process. Unfortunately, our modern civilization is heavily 'mental-rationalization driven' and therefore is not in the capacity to validate a higher order process such as intuition. In other words, we have placed too much emphasis on logic, proving, and reasoning.
Intuition sometimes doesn't tell you the outcomes of events. In many cases, it is simply an inner knowing that explains and provides answers.
If the thoughts are those of how superior one is and are smacked with elitism and pride, then one better take a closer assessment before getting too carried away. These thoughts might not be intuitions. If they say, 'You will be rich and famous if you do this' or 'she must be wrong as I am smarter,' double check. That thought may be coming from the part of the ego/personality associated with body-mind survival.

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