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Goddess Parties

Goddess Day events are intended to be a safe and restorative escape for total physical, emotional, and mental pampering and growth. We provide essential life and lifestyle enhancing tools delivered by professional health & wellness practitioners that will revive the hearts, minds, and bodies of everyone in attendance.
- Full-Service Catering
- Goddess Circle Ceremony
- Gentle Flow Yoga Class
-Anti-aging Yoga Therapy Sessions
- Crystal Healing Sessions and Workshops
-Therapeutic Massage Therapy Services
-Manicure and Pedicure Services
-Goddess Makeup Artistry
-Goddess Photoshoot
-Exclusive viewing of NDA crystal and gem jewelry
 What are you looking to celebrate? 
-Bachelorette Party
-Bridal Shower
-Baby Shower
-Corporate Event
-After School Event
-Kid's Party
...and any other celebration you can think of.
Call: 773-750-1570 to Schedule your next party!