Anklets~Custom Intuitive Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic practice that involves using semi-precious stones and crystals to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Crystal practitioners believe that each crystal has unique properties that can help to balance the body's energy and bring it into a state of harmony.

Anklets are a popular way to incorporate crystals into your daily life. Intuitive crystal healing anklets are custom-made pieces designed based on your specific intentions and needs. During a one-on-one phone call, we will discuss your intentions and I will prescribe the crystals that are best suited to support your healing journey.

After our call, I will design your anklet and provide you with a deep crystal reading that includes all the crystals on your piece. This reading will offer guidance and insights to help you connect with the energy of your anklet and deepen your self-healing journey. You will also receive a video breakdown of your custom piece, so you can fully understand the energy and intention behind it.

Please note that all custom items are final sale and may take up to two weeks to be produced and shipped. Additionally, because each piece is made from natural components, there may be slight variations in size and shape.