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Bespoke Intuitive Crystal Waist Beads

These Bespoke, one-of-a-kind waist beads offer many benefits, such as stress reduction, anxiety relief, improved sleep, increased creativity, focus, inspiration, and clarity. Our waist beads strengthen intuition, communication, and understanding, balance emotions, and encourage personal growth.

  • A free consultation call to discuss your intentions and desires ($75.00 value)
  • Guidance and prescription of crystals to support your healing journey
  • Bespoke waist beads designed with carefully selected crystals
  • Deep crystal reading to offer guidance and insights
  • Video breakdown of your custom piece to fully understand its energy and intention
  • Reiki charged, cleansed, and blessed with frankincense and myrrh essential oil

Are you ready to tap into the power of crystal healing and embark on a self-healing journey? Let's do the energy work, Goddess!