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Love Yo-Self Goddess Spiritual Bath

Our Love bath salts offer a unique blend of 13.25 oz. of bath salts, baking soda, and essential oils like Lavender, Jasmine, Moon, and Vanilla, complemented by numerous salts such as Dead Sea, Himalayan, and Black Salt, as well as Rose Quartz crystals to create a harmonious fusion of loving vibrations. Sunflower Oil is the featured carrier oil. Reiki charged with energy, this special combination will bring the energy of love to all ritual baths.

These ingredients have incredible spiritual healing properties that can promote balance, harmony, and positivity in your life. 

Pink Himalayan Salt,Dead Sea Salt, Essential oils blend, Black Salt & Baking soda/

Overall, these ingredients have incredible healing properties that can promote balance and positivity in your spiritual, mental, and emotional states. So go ahead and take that spiritual cleansing bath - it's time to peel off those old layers and get to the heart of your true self.

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