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6 bundles of White Sage

Experience the power of natural purification with our 6-pack of white sage smudge sticks. Made with the highest quality, sustainably sourced white sage, each smudge stick is carefully blessed with Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil for an added layer of intention and positive energy.

Burning white sage has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples for its powerful cleansing and purifying properties. As the smoke from the smudge stick fills the room, it clears out negative energy and helps to prepare the space for meditation, ritual, or spiritual work.

Not only does white sage help to cleanse the environment, but it can also purify specific objects, such as crystals or jewelry, and even help to improve intuition and reduce stress and anxiety.

With our 6-pack of white sage smudge sticks, you'll have everything you need to start your smudging practice and create a purified and balanced space. Say goodbye to negative energy and welcome in positive vibes with the help of our high-quality white sage smudge sticks.