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Crystal Healing Anklet~Intentionally Designed

  • EARTH WARRIOR ANKLET: 9 Inches Anklet: Tiger Eye, Hematite, & Amazonite: This anklet features Tiger Eye, a stone of protection and courage that promotes balance and harmony, along with grounding Hematite and soothing Amazonite. Together, these crystals can help you stay centered and confident while easing stress and tension.
  • DIVINE MANIFESTATION ANKLET: 9 Inches Anklet. Clear Quartz, Citrine, & Prehnite: This anklet is made with Clear Quartz, known as the "master healer" that amplifies energy and clarity, as well as Citrine, a stone of abundance and manifestation that enhances creativity and motivation. The Prehnite adds a calming and protective energy that helps you feel grounded and centered.
  • COSMIC HARMONY ANKLET: 9 Inches Anklet. Sunstone, Amethyst, & Opal: This anklet features Sunstone, a joyful and uplifting crystal that promotes vitality and positivity, along with calming Amethyst and soothing Opal. This combination helps to balance your emotions, enhance intuition, and bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your day
  • Reiki charged, cleansed, and blessed with frankincense and myrrh essential oil

Each anklet is also infused with positive intentions and comes with a crystal reading to help you connect with the energy of the crystals and set your own intentions for wearing the piece. So which waist bead resonates with you? Choose the set that speaks to your soul and start experiencing the transformative power of crystal healing today!

If you seek a bespoke piece imbued with the magic of crystal healing and tailored to your unique intentions and desires, look no further!  Click here to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation through the power of custom crystal jewelry.