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February 07, 2019 2 min read

Understanding it's okay to feel angry and being able to handle this particular emotion is a healthy thing for you to do. Emotions like sadness, guilt, fear, envy, and anger are an essential part of your "emotional intelligence." They are just as important as feeling joy, happiness, and contentment.
In the past, I use to be a hot head! Real talk my line name in college was ticking time bomb! 😜 Go figure. I had no control over my emotions at all, and it became a huge problem in relationships. I also was called little hulk,
A. I was pretty strong for my size and weight
B. I would get big and green when angry and tear up some shit! It was nasty yall this happy go lucky full of energy person was one crazy beast when angry. I had to make a change to live a happy life and to save some money on my phones lol! I was on some Naomi Campbell, throwing my expensive ass cell phones smh.
Now that I've done the work to calm the hell down invited the Most-High back into my life it's been a continued journey to learn how to master emotions. I find myself avoiding anger and feeling bad or guilty to express. No, you can't be angry Nicole, you have to be happy or look at the positive side of the situation. There's always a silver lining and think about the other person and how they feel.
Sometimes you have to say fuck you! You can be angry, and you need to allow that emotion out! Expectations are mother fletcha! It's between what I expected and what I actually have. I realize I expect things to happen and if it doesn't I get derailed. It's called hidden expectations. 

Expectations can blow situations in a very emotional way! Let go of the unnecessary expectations. 

A great book to read is called Unfuck Yourself 
Chapter 8 nine minutes into this chapter is what is getting my life on this issue. Chapter 8 " I Expect Nothing And Accept Everything." 
Other things I have been putting in place to keep pushing through this growth was playing gospel music, screaming outside, working out at the gym running up and down the stairs, Goddess time for sure and meditating with the featured crystals below. 
Many blessings on your journey and send some back over here. 💚 Lord knows we all can use the support.

Your lifestyle designer,

Nicole Harry
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